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one signature away russia's sanction bill now only needs. to come into force. in the. big news of the week is russia and those proposals as illegal the e.u. use threats. against washington over it to block fears its business is going to be hit. in the news or view the week human rights watch says an iraqi army unit trained by the u.s. has carried out extrajudicial killings of suspected they said members in mosul. and venezuela heads to the polls to vote for a new assembly designed to change the country's constitution. furious protests the
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opposition that's left at least five dead this past week of troubles are expected later today to. you watching international weekly roundup of the top news stories but first to some breaking news one happening right now coming in from germany seems one person has been killed and three others wounded in a nightclub shooting overnight in the german city of konstanz police have confirmed that the gunman was injured in a shootout with officers that died later in hospital his motives not yet known where in the local police they are reporting the guess raible to save themselves by fleeing outside or hiding partly dorman was caught up with it is well according to initial reports to local broadcast. dormant appeared to be in short he tried to
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stop the attackers so at least one killed three wounded in a nightclub shooting the german city stands so as we get more we'll let you know. and so the big stories of the week a new round of anti russia sanctions is just a signature away still as congress waits for president trump to put pen to paper over it the senate passed the bill and for washington says it's all in response to what they call russian aggression in syria and ukraine and also for alleged meddling in the u.s. election but nixon's column opens been finding there might be more to the initiative this sanctions bill that was passed it targets many parts of russia's economy it targets mining targets finance and russia metal manufacturing but one part of the bill that was specifically singled out was the energy sector of russia's economy the bill penalizes any company that cooperates with russia's pipeline projects it's about sending
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a message to russia to hold mr putin accountable for his actions we will take tough action against russia the bill is targeting the construction of a key natural gas pipeline into europe citing what it calls detrimental impact on european energy security furthermore in the same paragraph the bill talks about exporting more of america's resources in order to create american jobs strengthen u.s. allies and strengthen u.s. foreign policy now that all agrees with a key component of u.s. energy strategy america's global dominance in energy policy. is not just a vital element of u.s. economic policy but it's also a vital element of u.s. foreign policy and one of the most important actions we can take is to use our massive shale gas resources to begin shipping liquefied natural gas overseas so there you have it but what does selling gas to europe have to do with protecting
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the sanctity of america's voting machines the point is hasn't got to do anything with the geo political sphere with the frozen conflict in the ukraine though with syria and it actually hasn't got anything to do also with an interference with russia the us elections this has to do with the approach of the us administration to make deals to get their economy going and so this is very commitment rather than political u.s. leaders say that they don't like russia for all kinds of reasons but one thing they don't mention is that russia is a key exporter of oil and natural gas competing with the big monopolists america's european allies are now crying foul saying that the usa is interfering with their energy policies with these sanctions the us bill could have unintended unilateral effects that impact the e.u. use energy security interests america first kind of mean that europe's interests come last at this point russia counts for thirty eight percent of the european
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union's natural gas while the usa only accounts for two percent of the e.u. is natural gas imports you can bet some slick wall street syndicates would like to reverse that lineup so when you hear this explanation of the sanctions the mere fact that russia tried to affect our elections this stunning breach of our right as a sovereign nation decades of unchecked russian aggression whether it be in the ukraine in the crimea in syria don't forget about this one we must continue to focus on how we get our gas here in the united states our natural gas. to europe to our allies so they're not so dependent on russia well reaction came thick and fast leaders of reacted angrily to washington's proposed new sanctions in its attempt to free europe from its reliance on russian gas they say their economic interests are being ignored germany in fact is even threatened the u.s. with countermeasures over it is one reason why europe's leaders are unhappy the
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sanctions could impact the big nord stream to pipeline there is a major project between european companies and russia's energy sector big firms from germany austria france and the netherlands have agreed to invest almost half the cost of it that's almost five billion euros a lot at stake here once completed it should provide northern europe with russian gas now according to reports multinational businesses including b.p. exxon mobil they've been lobbying against this measure in congress so two big manufacturers ford and boeing peter all of us got more he's our europe correspondent. all of the potential impact that the sanctions could have on both the the business and energy sectors here in europe that has e.u. officials hot under the collar there are potentially huge fines for e.u. businesses that would enter into energy projects with russia many of those blue chip european companies of course are heavily involved there what we've heard from
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the german foreign ministry is them saying that it can't be accepted that the industrial policy of another nation be passed off as sanctions while the german government spokesperson also came out saying that e.u. industry can't be targeted and if there will be a response if the sanctions or when these sanctions go through it's not just the germans though the french foreign ministry issued a statement saying that well they believe that the sanctions impacted upon the rights of private individuals as well as corporate entities to an extent that they believe may go beyond international law the austrian chancellor christine care he posted online he said that politics and business should not be mixing when it comes to making decisions like this it's not excluded that they also follow that they also follow their economic interests. we don't complain about that unless
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it does not affect our own interests but right now it really affects our own interest negatively impact of do you just know it's a very negative form. especially for the energy sector because under sanctions under the threat of strings and especially energy pipeline exports from russia so what options remain for the european union when these sanctions or if these sanctions come into being the european union could decide to impose sanctions of their own on the united states now this could take the form of e.u. banks suspending u.s. companies ability to take out short term loans but let's be realistic this would be a nuclear option well said reaction was taken fast russia's patience is also waned says president putin who says moscow can't tolerate offensive actions anymore so when the news of these sanctions are completely illegal they go against
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international law and the rules of the world trade organization is that we're being very patient and very reserved and we can't endlessly tolerate aggressive behavior towards our country these actions can be perceived as aggravation that you and you and i would even see exceptional cynicism so now moscow's officially asked the u.s. to reduce the number of diplomatic staff it has in russia c'est abated that between two and seven hundred people now will be sent home or fired by the american embassy has given an exact figure moscow says that the number of stars must speak up to four hundred fifty five which is the exact same amount that it has in its embassy over in the u.s. russia has also said that diplomatic properties used by washington will be seized next month to it'll take back a warehouse in the south of moscow and elsewhere riverside retreat in one of the capital's parks that used to staff members for leisure activities and get togethers . yet nothing is that this is
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a response to the unlawful actions of us and most importantly to the anti russian made in the u.s. congress the rest of the exist setting the tone on capitol hill and we're not ruling out any steps to bring it in a sense this bill is a tool of intimidation for the entire world it's a consequent upon the willingness of. the u.s. secretary of state though explain the thinking behind the sanctions bill he says no it's russia that should be taking steps to improve its ties with the u.s. and hopes that sanctions won't be needed further in the future the russian embassy in the u.s. said that it was puzzled by rex tillerson statements regarding that we got some expert opinion. not the most logical thing to say we want to improve relations therefore we are imposing sanctions to listen to his statement was trying to be diplomatic and less from the impact and be less insulting to russia over the he might otherwise have been for that i think that's why you have a logical statement explaining these sanctions for which was not really
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a very sensible justification at all we think about american foreign policy from like one nine hundred forty five forward it's tough to find many great examples of what we've accomplished what the american force and foreign policy it's stablish meant expected what they're trying to do you know i think it's time for a total a completely overhaul of how we conduct our international business. weeks after the city of mosul was finally freed from islamic state in iraq more details of the liberation of an emerging and you him a rights watch report came out in the week suggesting one iraqi military unit executed dozens of suspected members of eisel without trial this is how international observers describe what they saw in mosul. a group of iraqi soldiers the naked men down an alleyway after which they heard multiple gunshots. through the doorway of a damaged house the bodies of
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a number of naked men lying in the doorway they said one of the dead men was lying with his hands behind his back and appeared to have been handcuffed and there was a rooper around his legs to sixteenth division soldiers the school said one observing showed the seven head of the soldiers said was an american female isis sniper whom the hard to care protected it was not clear whether the compensated you're alive. this is one of a series of reports that human rights watch has issued on the final weeks of the battle in mosul against isis and in these reports what we have seen is numerous extrajudicial killings by iraqi forces of men they say or linked to i think without any judge without any file simply executing them on the battlefield really all the iraqi forces that are involved in this fight against isis has been committing rampant abuses including war crimes we have yet to see
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a single incident be properly at investigated by the iraq you or any commander to be held accountable. the report claims that the executions were carried out by an iraqi unit the played a significant role in the liberation in fact seems they've received american training and assistance while fighting iceland twenty fifteen on something spoke to say. a security official in baghdad province he told me washington bears some responsibility things for the crimes committed by the sixteenth division involved here i must warn you the following video setting images. sixteen division was formed by the united states trained by the united states and controlled by the united states so definitely if there's any human rights violation it's very obvious that those who controlled or formed this division must understand all must pay some type of at least moral responsibility because i mean nobody here
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sympathizes with isis supporters or isis members so but from a legal point of view yes this is an issue that needs to be looked at there is an investigation but is it enough is it wide enough is it deep enough we still state of war looking at what we know so far as can be very difficult to specifically accuse any of those american soldiers for for training iraqi soldiers specifically in the craft of torture but i think it paints a very poor picture puts the americans. under a very poor lights in iraq generally i mean we've you know what are they doing there exactly i mean this sort of euphemistic advisor i think the the miss has been busted i want exactly what those voices do in iraq should not forget that this is not the first time that an extraordinary human rights abuses have been documented
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by the americans in iraq we look back to two thousand and three and the abu ghraib prison torture for example you know this is this is coming around again it seems to be something that we should start to get used to in iraq. the top stories of the last seven days and the latest this weekend thanks watching the weekly here not international with me kevin i can tell you of venezuela is in the news again this and they big vote today to elect a new assembly. is coming the morning now is nothing up at the moment but more trouble is expected on the streets we'll keep an eye on that for you as our news review the week continues right after this break.
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public will. protect. the room. again this is our international as venezuela's embattled government proposed to
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hold a key constitutional vote on sunday the country's opposition and calling for a further wave of protests to cancer it is despite a ban on street demonstrations which in the last week alone is reportedly killed at least five people with the country in the economic doldrums still experiencing political deadlock then president maduro today is calling on venezuelans to elect a new body it will be tasked with rewriting the current constitution over five hundred representatives will be chosen from various groups in society but the opposition far from happy they believe the president is just trying to extend his powers here and that he's undermining democracy here's a look back at how the country's crisis has worsened in recent months. thank you.
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thank. you. we managed to secure an exclusive interview with the venezuelan president he told us the opposition's tactics are alienating many people in this country europe we should try europe to get not only the opposition has been saying the same thing for eighteen years they used to say about hugo chavez like you and i know about me for the last four years i have thought for them i really is no other way to resolve a conflict in our country but then through democratic means i feel your through you know how your weeks starting on monday may i use the opposition also engage in
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a direct dialogue and join the national constitutional assembly but they refused since they are not the only thing the opposition has been doing which is taking almost abstractly orderable me right down to your situation is dire so anything to face political isolation sic it i don't know they are leaning towards the far right and they will track your selves and the strategy of one of the streets in the movement in the very district he voted for that the opposition is losing the support of the venezuelan people voted for them in the past he is out there but then we also spoke to an opposition activist to he claims that the dealer is riding roughshod over democracy in the country. and i do or has been undermining democracy i was listening to his interview saying that a way to change democracy in minutes what i was there for me through this new constitution that he wants to write it is very clear as we have seen in the past that the opposition won clear and save elections about two years ago where they
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won the majority in the parliament so there is no reason for him to write a new constitution when he writes another constitution he kicks out the opposition from power and he continues to do what he wants besides the fact that the national guard has been killing people in the streets i mean with the international community cannot just sit around and wait for him to do all these take all these actions against his people the majority of the people have a different opinion what's going on in the country the bending on what social sector they belong to. him or the headlines from the last seven days on monday it's nice interior minister stressed that there was no easy way out of the crisis speaking at a gathering of european officials and she knew he urged for a common aim strategy there is no magic solution no nation can deal with my great reflux a new nation is sheltered from. italy's been the most vocal over the refugee issue it's on the front line it's received most of the new arrivals coming by sea from
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africa so far this year almost one hundred thousand devries the italian coast. trying to travel to one rural area in italy to see how life is affected by this crisis. to a small town in the mountains which after a government decision was forced to accommodate dozens of migrants. i hope the mayor of this town mr cheever you need to talk explain the system to me. on giordano. the prefecture didn't tell us in advance that migrants were coming but i thought everything would work out so the government told us that it would help us to cope with the migrants there already many problems like unemployment issues with infrastructure health etc that's why some people around here are angry because the government chose to invest money into the relocation of migrants instead of providing time with additional funds. this looks like the hotel
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we're looking for they entered through the gates but stayed outside because there was no electricity the hotel hasn't been used for years to host tourists my next step was to try and talk to the migrants inside but they wouldn't let me behind a locked gate was a dodgy looking men he claimed to be from a cooperative that had been put in charge by the authorities filming he said the mayor said that a very low percentage of people who are here are actually refugees most of them are economic migrants is not true no that's not true the migrants are well integrated the mayor has never even contacted me he is lying i went on to ask where the migrants were from the man claimed they were all refugees out of. nigeria niger guinea became a fast food just as i was negotiating we saw a couple with a tray of sweets turns out some locals were indeed glad to have the new neighbors
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finally he let me in without the camera the refugees said they'd only got warm welcomes from locals and were ready to become sicilians i can tell you that the migrants and refugees have everything to live a normal life there the question though remains whether they will be able to integrate into the local society and whether all the locals will be ready to accept that number of refugees our journey continued to another small community where migrants haven't arrived yet but the government's intentions have already caused quite a debate in the usually quiet neighborhood. a very small abandoned school local government wanted to place sixty my gran's in that small building i think we have a chance to talk to the lawyer who is representing the local community. first which is not a hope it will be one of the best record of putting migrants here into buildings
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like this is racism the risk is that the shelter could turn into a ghetto because the migrants will have nothing to do here having blasted the rest of the betraying roman crisis italian officials seem to have taken up the strategy of a nationwide melting pot will be watching how it's put to the test ilya for trying to r.t. in sicily. jerusalem has been rocked this week palestinian protesters clashed with israeli police over the implementation of strict security measures at temple mount also known as the ramos sharif hundreds of protesters were injured. the crowd. was. was was was.
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and it was. the holy site was cordoned off by israeli authorities are for a deadly shooting there metal detectors video cameras are installed on but but outrage in the muslim community is our middle east correspondent. i'm standing here in front of the dome of the rock which has been the scene of violent clashes for the past two weeks we are hearing that more than a hundred people have been injured the number of palestinians who've been killed in the last two weeks of violence has now climbed to six israeli police reinforcements particularly around. the old city many of the arab east jerusalem neighborhoods were closed off and at the same time roadblocks in and out of the west bank will reinforce we're hearing from the israeli security officials that they will see a harsh response to anyone who throws rocks or stones at the israeli police israel says it will remove metal detectors that will put up after two security guards were
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killed two fridays ago but the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says this is not enough and he insists it is well returns to the way the status quo was before that incident the latest measures are that only people over the age of fifty are to come and pray here i'm talking specifically men women of all ages are allowed some of the entrances to the mosque are still closed because of these measures the mood on the ground is still tense there is a lot of frustration amongst palestinians that i've been talking to some have even said that if israel doesn't remove these last remaining restrictions they will be a third intifada or a third palestinian uprising but outside the temple mount compound the mood is jubilant people have been throwing sweets and chocolate saying that this battle for access has been won by the palestinians paula c.r.t. jerusalem. before i say goodbye for now a quick update on the breaking news story talked about twenty minutes ago some one person's been killed and three others wounded in a nightclub shooting in the german city of constance these are confirmed that the
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gunman was injured in the shooter with officers and died later in hospital the perpetrator reported the other machine gun reports also say one of those injured is a doorman who probably try to stop the attacker most of the club goers did manage to flee the side and take cover most been so scary special forces have been deployed in that city it's not clear whether the suspect that that alone at this stage the german media is saying the police are working on the assumption that the shooting is going related at this point will be across that story in the coming hours we'll update you as we get to know more. are to the weekend of me kevin zero in thank you for watching our news review of the week programs can. new after the short break.
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